Patio & Decking Cleaning

Patios, Paths, Decking & Driveways Cleaning

Done regularly it takes less time

Liquid or Pressure Washing

We offer both types of cleaning. The liquid clean which is the quicker cheaper option, a liquid cleaner is applied to attack the dirt so it can then be brushed off. Alternatively we can use a high power pressure washer to remove the dirt  from the surface and between the gaps, this being a more invasive option.

Weed Killer Application

This is included in the price, we apply a weed killer to get to the roots of the weeds as the cleaning process will take away the surface grime and the pressure wash will take off the weed heads but not the roots between the gaps.


Sand Refill

Using the pressure washer will take out loose mortar and the sand between paving so this is another extra option to have sand brushed back into the gaps should you not wish to do it yourself.

Deck Oil

After deck cleaning and drying out we can treat the decking using a good quality decking oil, this will help protect the decking and make cleaning easier in the future if done regularly.

Algae Treatment

After a period of time after cleaning process a treatment can be applied to break down newly formed algae.


Liquid Algae Application  

An area upto  20Sq/m    £34

                       40 Sq/m   £40

                       60 Sq/m   £46


Pressure Washing

An area upto    20 Sq/m   £80

                         40 Sq/m   £160

                         60 Sq/m   £200

Decking Oil (After cleaning)

An area upto   20 Sq/m   £120

                        40 Sq/m    £230

                        60 Sq/m    £340